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Sign the Petition to Keep Tulloch Full

Neaerly 500 citizens of Lake Tulloch have signed a petition supporting the idea of keeping Lake Tulloch full or at the highest level possible. With 80 degree weather most of October and with great boating weather most of the year, it makes sense to revisit and old policy. Tulloch Dam was built in 1957 and 22 years later New Melones Dam was constructed that provides major flood protection downstream.  Presently Tulloch has only .02 of one percent of the excess capacity of New Melones to protect homes.

New Study on the Proposal - Calaveras County Supervisor has just released a new report that reviews the proposal. 
Read the Supervisor Mills report on keeping Lake Tulloch   and Read the comments of public on proposal to keep the lake full. 

2019 Lake Tulloch Level Schedule


President Trump Acts to Save Our Water

President Trump has signed an Executive Order that effectively is direct opposition to Governor Brown's State Water Board's effort to increase the amount of water being removed from Sierra rivers and reservoirs to enhance fish. The order will streamline the construction of dams and other water projects.  The Lake Tulloch Alliance has been working for years with Congressman McClintock and our state legislators opposing the scheme which could have resulted in the draining of Lake Tulloch in 2015.

Even European media is covering the story. Check our this piece in the UK's Guardian Newspaper. 

The action is a result of years of work including a visit this summer  by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke which involved the Congressman and Calaveras County Supervisor Dennis Mills. Supervisor Mills presented Zinke a letter to the President asking him to issue an order ending the release of any federally controlled water in order to implement the State Water Board water grab. This was a major effort and we thank Assemblyman Adam Gray (D) who joined with Republicans to bring this story to the national and even international media. 

You can watch the Presidential signing by clicking this link.



Just three years ago this spring Lake Tulloch and New Melones were threaten to be drained to order to accommodate the growth of more Salmon in the Delta. We fought hard and with the help of many of our citizens and many many more in the Central Valley we were able to avert that disaster but it appears the threats are back.  

In December 2016, more than two thousand of us filled rooms for three State Water Board Hearings held in Stockton, Merced and Modesto. Our elected officials including Congressman Tom McClintock, Supervisor Dennis Mills (then a member of the CCWD Board), and Assemblymen Frank Bigelow (R) and Adam Gray (D) came together to work with citizens and local officials from counties throughout the region to oppose the proposed policy of the California State Water Board to expand the removal of water from our rivers and lake to help fish. The Lake Tulloch Alliance help lead part of this regional, 7 county effort.

The bad news is that the Water Board has all but approved their plans despite opposition from thousands of public officials, citizens, farmers, and business people that this is a bad idea that will kill our region and do nothing to improve the environment. I am attaching the piece the Lake Tulloch Alliance supplied to help citizens express their concern in 2015. (See Below)

We have until July 27th to express our views. There is no way the water board will listen to us so would urge you to write Governor Brown and ask him to reverse this decision. Below are links to two stories from the Modesto Bee which were published in the last 24 hours. This will provide you ample information. Also write letters to the editor in your local papers and speak out on social media. You can post links to these stories below. 

Mike Dunbar: We must fight the water grab, not just talk about it   https://www.modbee.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/mike-dunbar/article214472449.html

Job losses, farm cuts and other devastating impacts predicted from state’s water plan


Also if you live outside of our area then contact you local state legislators and express your opinion. Recently our County Supervisor Dennis Mills went to southern California to meet with top water officials to explain the impact of these stupid decisions our water supply. He got an excellent reception and so we can perhaps make this more of a state issue not just a regional one. They understand the threat to us is a threat to them.  

If you need more information please let me know. Also — if you send a letter to elected officials including Governor Brown please email us a copy. I would urge you to mail letters and not rely solely on email.  We appreciation the leadership of Modesto Bee and our elected officials and now we need to do our part to stop this reckless policy.

New Findings: Salmon Did Fine in the Drought (click here)!

Thanks to the help of California Assemblyman Adam Gray we are including two updates on the impact of various state policies to increase fish populations at the expense of those of us in the foothills and our neighbors down the hill in agriculture. 

 Check out the Wall Street Journals Editorial on California 
Water Crisis 

Calaveras Enterprise: 
Lake Tulloch Alliance notes state proposal will cost more that a quarter million dollars to save one fish!

Check out this new Save the Stan Announcement

Background on State Water Board Policy

For the past two years the Lake Tulloch Alliance and our community have been fighting the battle to reverse Federal and State Water Policy that places fish first and people second. The State Water Board issued new policies last week that would increase water releases for fish by about 50% more. This would mean nearly twice as much water would be removed from our rivers which could mean the draining or significant draw down of Lake Tulloch. Read this piece from the Calaveras Enterprise the outlines the water policies on our lake:

This policy is simply unworkable and with a potential poor winter – we could see water supplies for our area and others from Roseville extending down the state not having sufficient water for 2017. This means insufficient water throughout Northern California.
You can read the facts on this new policy in an excellent editorial in the Modesto Bee by  clicking here.

Wednesday Governor Brown sent a letter to the State Water Board asking them to work with the Natural Resources Agency to explore a new comprehensive agreement. We have attached the letter the Governor sent to State Water Board. The editorial in Bee is by clicking this link. 

Lake Tulloch is at risk but so our more than 1.7 million people living in this seven county region. This impacts our friends and family in agriculture plus hundreds of businesses, schools, local governments and more. Make your voice know. Email us at laketullochalliance@gmail.com and we will send you background information. We need to contact local government officials but more so the Governor and our state legislators. Get involved! Our future is at stake.


Bald Eagle on Lake Tulloch
Part of the Beauty and Habitat of Lake Tulloch

The Lake Tulloch Alliance is dedicated to protecting and enhancing Lake Tulloch and our region environmentally and economically. We are in a major crisis with the drought. Our water resources are being depleted caused by the drought and environmental policies that wastewater in pursuing misguided environmental schemes based on science and devoid of economic realities. Other government policies including land use on all levels incorporated with the impact of drought have had a detrimental impact on our economy and ecology. LTA provides background information that places our situation in context and supports sane fact based public policy that will insure future generations can live here in a viable economy while enjoying our beautiful environment. We strongly oppose those that use the environment as an excuse to advance policies that destroy our way of life in California.



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